Judaism chapter IX : How Judaism is unique.

Chapter Nine.

Over 2000+ years, Judaism has changed, but its core beliefs have stayed the same. There are several things that make Judaism unique among today’s religions.

How Judaism is unique

  1. It was the first religion to teach there was only one God

  2. Emphasizes the importance of learning in a community and of how a person’s life affects others

  3. Its important teachings were not founded by a single person. It does not have a single founder. Abraham laid the cornerstone of Judaism when he stated that ‘idols should not be worshiped,’ and led his family to Canaan. Moses added the Ten Commandments and a belief that they were God’s Chosen People. Ideas continued to grow and evolve in Palestine, Persia (Zoroastrianism) and throughout captivity as they absorbed different ideas, hardships, and experiences.

  4. It is a mix of being a faith, a religion, a law for living, and a government.

  5. It believes in one God, but it is not a universal religion in the sense that a primary focus is still the belief that Israel is the Jewish homeland and Jerusalem is their holy city. This portion specifically is the root of great disagreement and conflict.



This is an introduction to a ten-unit survey of Judaism - its history, peoples, beliefs and impact on the world today.

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