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Very Long Media is the corporate identity of Joseph Ivan Long.

I’m a 43-year old dad who’s worked in media and film for many years, loves a good story, and gets geek-level excited about history, art, science…and learning new things, ideas, and disciplines.

Here’s an ongoing compilation of stories, narrative projects, and educational content. It includes my thoughts across disciplines about a variety of topics.

Oct 1, 2019:

After years working in media, video, and photography for clients, I am transitioning to focus on creating all-ages content with an educational focus. I love writing and creating stories that are entertaining and provide a gateway to learning more about history, science, religion, the creative disciplines, and…the world at large! I am a very curious person with an interest in learning and helping others learn!

I will be adding curriculum outlines, PDFs to download, and YouTube channel…soon.

I’m getting the blog portion of the site up and going and have chosen to quietly make it public at this point. If you’ve stumbled across it early…thanks for coming by! You’re welcome to check out my blog and see if there’s anything that interests you. Or you can check out my other site, Very Long Chronicles, focused on tales and observations about families, children, dads, and Pacific Northwest explorations.

Additional content, including video, podcast, and downloads, will be coming soon.

I am also accepting a select and small number of clients for consults, writing, and media production. You can email me at joseph@verylongmedia for more info.

Thanks for visiting!