Bible stories : 09 Joseph, part 7.

Part 7 : Surprise, pt 1.

1600 - 1700-ish B.C.

The brothers are en route home on their six day trek, when Dan opens up one of the grain sacks and finds...the money they had paid for the grain. They check all other grain sacks upon getting home and find that all of the money is in the sacks.

So they have their grain, and inexplicably, the money they used to pay for the grain is all there. Should be happy, right? Win-win. Except for poor Simeon. Luck of the draw. He stays in Egypt. In prison. And Dad. What is Dad gonna think? Maybe he’ll be okay and just happy that the majority of his sons are home safe. #choosejoy

Dad is not happy. “You are robbers,” he yells. “You robbed me of my son Joseph. You robbed me of my son Simeon. You will not rob me of Benjamin.”

They settle in at home, eating their grain and living their lives and trying not to think of Simeon.

But all good things come to an end, and all grain eventually runs out. Dad realizes there’s only choice. “You gotta go back to get more food.”

“Dad…” Reuben says. “”We can’t go without Benjamin. The Vizier made that very clear. We’re all dead if we go without him.”

“You are horrible, awful sons!” wails Jacob (now known as Israel). “Why did you even tell him about Benjamin?”

“We had to, Dad,” Naphtali explains. “He was super pushy and asking all these questions and we just sort of told him. Well, Reuben did. I didn’t think we should have.”

Reuben glares at Naphtali. “Thanks.”

Finally they have to go. Israel relents. They take double the money they had been sent with, as well as a bunch of other spices and presents from Canaan.

Off they go.