Bible stories : 08 Jacob, part 5.

Part 5 : Esau kills Jacob.

1700-ish BC.

Esau is running faster and faster toward Jacob, and he throws his arms up, and he rushes to Jacob and…

...hugs him. He hugs him. A huge, massive bear hug, which is appropriate, because remember, Esau is super hairy.

“Brother, how are you?”” he bellows. “It is so good to see you!”

Then he starts crying. Esau has gone through a lot of changes, mostly for the better. He’s a simple guy, and a good guy, and he’s always loved his brother. Sometimes a little distance is good for relationships.

Then Jacob starts crying and they’re both crying and hugging and it’s absolutely beautiful. Brothers and best buds again. No...not again: Best buds for the first time.

After this reconciliation, they still know the value of having their own spaces and keeping a good thing going, so they settle in different places around Canaan and live in peace.

Mama Rebecca has passed away. Sad. But Dad is still alive and overjoyed to see his younger son again, and to know that his boys are getting along.

What did God say a while back? That Jacob would make it safely back to Canaan? So did he make it back? Does God speak the truth? Yes, yes, and yes.

And so it was. A mostly happy ending. For a little while.

Additional notes

Imagine Thor running up and lifting Loki in a giant embrace.