Bible stories : 04 A Little Flood, part 1.

How did Adam and Eve go from two to thousands? That is a question for statisticians and birth experts. At some point, there had to have been marriage of sorts between brothers and sisters and cousins, which must have been inspiring later on for ancient royal Egyptians, who loved to have their dear children siblings wed one another. But moving past the details of how two became thousands, we address the sad reality of large groups. At some point, there’s bound to be some bad apples, so to speak. Pun intended. Remember Eden and a certain forbidden fruit?

So there’s a bunch of people now. And remember what the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil represented? The tree had a clunky name, but the name was spot on with what it was.. It represented the knowledge of good and evil. Now that people know what the difference between the two is, some are bound to choose that one. And some do. Sad.

Pausing on that thought momentarily: this is one of the heaviest parts of the Bible to deconstruct. Knowledge. Is the pursuit of knowledge something God is against? Eve was curious. She picked a fruit, forbidden though it was, out of curiosity and a thirst to know more. To gain knowledge. Specifically knowledge of the opposite of what is good, because we can’t fully a define a concept until we know its antithesis. Its opposite.

Evil, coincidentally an anagram of live, is often more fun than good. Simply to know something exists is frequently enough to want to know more. So once the Pandora’s box of knowledge of evil’s existence was out...all bets were off and humanity was on their way to discovering the joys of wickedness.

Again, sometimes it’s hard to be good and sometimes it’s easy to be evil. Many people chose that route. Sad.

God watched with sorrow. What has happened?

When food has gone moldy, you toss it out. When humanity went full-on rotten, God decided to toss them out. Via a flood. A giant flood that would cover the earth and wipe out the evilness humanity had shown themselves capable of committing.

But there was a man. One man and his family. Noah.