Bible stories : 01 Creation.

Nothing. Nothingness. Close your eyes. Plug your ears. Your nose. Try to exist with no sensations hitting you. Try to create a void, a total void. Void means completely empty. You can’t do it. Impossible. Think of all the things around you that contribute to your five senses. Lights, music, conversation, screeching, honking, birds, curry cooking, fresh-baked bread, skunks, a warm blanket, dripping water, the feel of bark…

We are surrounded with stimulus. Now imagine that there’s nothing for your senses to see, hear, smell, touch, or taste. It was void of everything.

Then God says:

Let there be light!

I like to think God said it with an exclamation and a chuckle. So now light and dark are separated. We got day and we got night; we got evenings and mornings and everything in between. That was the first day.

God says:

Let’s separate the waters from the sky.

Like every good artist knows, we’re starting to get some contrast. Day and night. Skies and waters. That was the second day.

So then God says:

Let’s separate the waters from the land.
Oh, and let’s get some plants and trees growing!

Dry land! Vegetation! Fruit trees! This was the third day.

God keeps going:

I’m gonna put some lights in the sky so we can see what’s going on.
One light for the day, a smaller one for the night.
And since the night light is smaller,
I’ll stick a bunch of cute little twinkly lights all around it. Pretty.

Sun. Moon. Stars. Now there’s a way to keep track of days and seasons and years. Awesome. That was the fourth day.

God isn’t done:

This place needs some life.
Flying creatures for the skies,
water creatures for the oceans and rivers.

So now we have all sorts of living creatures swimming, floating, and flying throughout the waters and skies. That was the fifth day.

Ain’t no rest for God yet:

Need some land animals.
Let’s get some cows and crocodiles and wild beasts of all sorts roaming the earth.

Cool cool. We got animals now. But God keeps going.

Last, a little being I call...human.
Two of them. A man and a woman.
Made in my likeness,
to enjoy and take care of everything I’ve made.

Boom. High-five for God. Tells them to go out and multiply. Have fun! Lets them know about all the animals and fruits and veggies and plants they have to use. Hands out some names you might know. Adam and Eve. That was the sixth day. All done, right?

Nope. Last thing, God says:

When you work hard, you gotta rest.
The seventh day is for that.
Resting and taking a break.

That’s the seventh day. What a whirlwind. And what a way to end it: a day to step away from labors of the week and just relax and enjoy the beauty around you.