Bible stories : 00 Introduction.

It’s been said that there are four lenses through which to see the world:

Religion. Art. Science. Philosophy.

All of these are different ways to make sense out of existence and understand why we’re here. We referring to humans and other life forms that exist in a monumental universe.

How did we get here?

Let’s talk about how the universe started through the lens of religion. Specifically, Christianity. Christians get their inspiration and belief system from a little book simply known as the Bible. It’s a collection of stories, histories, events, inspirations, poetry, and directives for living that has shaped a blueprint for over two billion people.

Back to how we got here. Sometimes religion and science get along well. Sometimes they have different ideas of how things work. Especially how things first started. If we were talking about science, we’d be talking about things like the Big Bang and Darwinian evolution.

This is religion. Christianity. The Bible starts at the beginning. Picture the grandiose cinematic vista unfolding. Here we go.