Ancient History 101 : Greece 08 - Rome.


Greece Chapter 8 (200 - 146 BCE)

The disunity among the city-states gave Rome the impetus to attack. One by one, it conquered the city-states and kingdoms. Parts of Greece ally themselves with Carthage, leading Rome to declare war on Macedonia in northern Greece. They defeat not once, but twice, and by 168 BC have taken them out.

They complete their conquest of Greece in 146 B.C. at the Battle of Corinth. They completely destroy the city to show other cities that they’re not messing around. Greece is now fully under Roman dominion.

The Romans were very impressed with Greek literary and artistic ideas and absorbed many of them into their culture, thus influencing and transforming Roman society as well.

One important and interesting point to emphasize: at this point, Rome has now defeated Greece. Greece is no longer a military power or empire, but life in Greece continues to be largely normal. The Romans admire and respect their culture so much that much of it stays the same, including the language. Greek continues to be spoken in the eastern portion of the Roman Empire for hundreds of years.


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