Ancient History 101, pt. 6 : India and China.

india and china

Is it right, is it fair that India and China get lumped together into the same unit?

No. And that is my point. History is not fair. And I am not an historian. I am somebody who likes history and learns about it from reading and studying the work, research, and writings of actual historians, and filtering it through my own understanding, personality, and importantly, cultural and personal outlook. I was born and raised and still live in the western hemisphere and that is the world I know best. It is the world I have experienced.

There is much I would like to continue learning about other cultures, and especially from the eastern hemisphere and the ways it has influenced the world. It is sadly often under-represented in western history books...just as the history lessons of other countries will generally focus on a history from their perspective. As a spoiler and sidenote, if Persia had actually defeated the Greek city-states in the 400s BC, the western hemisphere would likely look very different than it does today. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing? I don’t know. It would be a different thing. What I am writing about here though is my impressions of big impressions that have made their marks on history, and it is through my lens.

I will do my best to include the impressions and chronologies of civilizations I am less familiar with, and ideally this may help spark an interest in learning more. I am continuing to absorb and learn more about the eastern hemisphere and have a lot of catch-up. So here we go. India and China.





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