There are many things I have not yet done, like invent a time machine or discover a new planet. I've never been to space (yet) and I have yet to give an Academy Award acceptance speech. But I have done some other things, like have good conversation with about a billion people, co-create some mischievous children, and create, capture, & imagine a lot of pictures and stories. Most of the time, these stories are little moments snatched from obsolescence and wrapped in spectacle.

Photography, film, music, art, and the convergence of these to create stories...these are the things that make me happy, along with my wife Becca, two children, huge family, and typewriter collection.  I work frequently with my younger brother Jonny, an incredible photographer & aerial cinematographer, and that makes my heart sing. I pick up the phone to call random record stores around the country and get some good music recommendations from whoever picks up. I have won a few awards for some short films I've done. What I really love doing is collaging snippets of reality and imagination together and creating something...spectacularly unique.

I teach two media arts classes at a private high school in Portland, Oregon. I love this opportunity to enthusiastically share my skills and experiences with a great group of students. I love learning, I love education, I love meeting interesting people, and I love documenting, imagining, and creating with digital media tools of today.


I'm writing a children-ish book about a trio of friends who rescue the world once a week or so, one of whom is an agoraphobic dragon. I'll probably finish it sometime, unless someone starts paying me, in which case I'll finish it sometime sooner. It's called "Mike and George."


We are currently in pre-production on a short coming-of-age film about a father and son I wrote and am co-producing, along with cinematographer Jonny Long and director Dennis Mulyar. It's called "Will." If you feel like kicking in some cash to help out, that would be awesome! [link coming soon]


Three of us - me, Jonny, and strategist wunderkind Hiro Minami - are also launching a new kind of digital marketing agency aimed at dentists. If you're a dental practice, or know a dentist, or have ever had your teeth cleaned, or think cool smiles are awesome, or brush your teeth more than once a week, than check us out at and let us know what you think!


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